2018 Carrollton - Carroll tornado
EF4 tornado (NWS)
Date February 20, 2018
Times 1555 - 1623
Touchdown location Carrollton, Missouri
Injuries 27
Fatalities 4
Damage $265 million
Areas affected In and around Carrollton and Carroll
Part of the
2018 tornado season

The 2018 Carrollton - Carroll tornado was a violent EF4 wedge tornado that touched down in Carrollton at 1555, rapidly intensifying into an EF4 before hitting, and then maintaining that intensity for much of its life, and causing the issuance of a tornado emergency in both areas affected, and causing 4 deaths in the process. There was $265 million in damages from the event.


A severe thunderstorm formed near the town of Carrollton, Missouri around 1300, before a hook echo on radar about 1515 caused the issuance of a PDS tornado warning for Carrollton. When the large tornado touched down, a tornado emergency was already put into effect. By the time the tornado arrived at 1605, it was already producing borderline EF4 damage. As the tornado moved through the city towards the northeast, it hit EF4 damage, sweeping away poorly built and poorly anchored buildings.

By the time the second tornado emergency for the tornado was declared at 15215 it was beginning to weaken, and hit Carroll whilst producing lower bound EF4 damage, weakening to an EF3 soon after, as conditions became unfavourable for the storm to survive,and it lifted at 1523 whilst passing through the inner suburbs of the city.