2018 Chicago tornado
EF3 tornado (NWS)
[[Image:|235px|center|The tornado nearing Chicago]]
The tornado nearing Chicago
Date February 20, 2018
Times 1125 - 1140
Touchdown location Outside Chicago, Illinois
Injuries 27
Fatalities 2
Damage $85 million
Areas affected Chicago, Illinois
Part of the
2018 tornado season

The 2018 Chicago tornado was a destructive EF3 tornado that hit during a larger outbreak, severely damaging some communities in the city, and causing the injury of 27, as well as the deaths of 2 , people during the event. The tornado also caused the issuance of a tornado emergency for the area, before it passed through and dissipated 15 minutes after touching down.


A severe thunderstorm began to rotate around 1100 in the areas near Chicago, and a wall cloud had developed by 1115, which was spinning rapidly, before a funnel cloud was noted at 1120, and a PDS tornado warning was issued for the city. At 1125, the tornado touched down in an outer suburb, and began moving in towards the center of the city, doing damage rated as EF2 - EF3 along the way. The tornado entered the inner suburbs around 1133, ripping roofs from homes and causing walls to collapse on some as well. A home that wasnt built properly was swept away near the centre of the city around 1136, killing the 3 people taking shelter there as a result. The tornado weakened as it passed through the centre of the city, and finally lifted at 1140, though it continued as a severe thunderstorm for a further 10 minutes before it weakened and dissipated.

Tornado emergency

Following the touchdown of the tornado outside of the city, a tornado emergency was declared as the tornado approached, which indicated "Severe damage to properties are expected". This turned out to be correct, and $100 million was done in damages as the medium sized tornado swept through. Following the dissipation of the tornado, the emergency was dropped, and a state of emergency was declared later that day for the areas affected by the tornado.