2018 Ripley tornado
EF4 tornado (NWS)
Date April 23, 2018
Times 1335 - 1410 CDT
Touchdown location Near Ripley, Mississippi
Injuries 112
Fatalities 11
Damage $260 million
Areas affected In and around Ripley, Mississippi
Part of the
2018 tornado season
The 2018 Ripley tornado was a large, violent, deadly and destructive event that occurred during a larger outbreak, demolishing much of the town of Ripley in Mississippi in the process of passing through. In total, the tornado caused the deaths of 11 people, the injuries of 112 more, and $260 million in damages. In addition to this, a tornado emergency was also declared for the area, and mobile homes were swept away entirely. It was the worst tornado to ever hit the town, and it took years to rebuild the areas ravaged by the storm.


The tornado was associated with a larger tornado outbreak, which in addition to this tornado also spawned other powerful tornadoes.

The tornado was spawned from a cyclic high precipitation supercell outside Ripley, Mississippi. At 1335, the large tornado touched down on the outskirts of town, before rapidly intensifying and causing mainly EF4 damage across most of its path. At its peak, the winds were estimated to be near 190 mph, not far off EF5.

At these locations, well built brick homes were levelled, with the less well built ones being swept away entirely. It was also noted that several wooden homes that had hurricane straps on had been ripped from their moorings and swept away,though this was later determined to be buildings that werent properly strapped down, indicating only high EF3 damage at this location as a result.

After passing through Ripley, the tornado continued to produce damage, but only in the EF0 - EF2 range, before finally lifting at 1405, having destroyed much of Ripley as it passed through.

Tornado emergency

Shortly after the tornado touched down, much of Ripley was placed under a tornado emergency, indicating that "a large tornado is currently on the ground, and heading for central Ripley. Radar indicates violent winds, and a broad debris ball. Don not mess with this tornado.Take cover now, your life depends on it!" Following the passage of the tornado, the emergency was dropped, and damage surveys began, along with rescues and recoveries of dead bodies from the event.