2029 Moore tornado
EF5 tornado
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Date July 18, 2029
Times 1842 - 1920 CST
Touchdown location Outside of Oklahoma City
Injuries 422
Fatalities 117
Damage $4.14 billion
Areas affected Oklahoma City, Bridge Creek, Moore
Part of the
2029 tornado season

The 2029 Moore tornado was an EF5 rated tornado that took a remarkably similar track to the 2013 storm. It touched down at 1842 on July 18th, and passed through 3 cities, before weakening and dissipating by 1920, having caused catastrophic damages and loss of life in the process. Along the tornado's path, extreme ground scouring was noted, and buildings were reduced to splinters in some of the most extreme cases, with concrete foundations also being swept away by the force of the tornado as it passed by. Doppler radar also came in extremely useful for determining the intensity of the storm, which returned results of winds reaching 322 mph, the highest ever recorded by humans on the planet, therefore surpassing the 1999 Bridge Creek - Moore tornado to take the record for the most intense winds ever observed, which would have rated the tornado as America's first officially recorded F6 tornado if the old scale was still in use. A shocking 117 people were killed by the twister, with an even more shocking 422 people being injured by the storm. Damages after the tornado were also high, and totalled a record $4.14 billion, the highest ever observed resulting from a tornado.