2033 Bordeaux tornado
EF3 tornado
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Date February 23, 2033
Times 1440 - 1505 UTC
Touchdown location Outside Indianapolis, Indiana
Injuries 12
Fatalities 2
Damage $77 million
Areas affected In and around Bordeux, France
Part of the
2033 tornado season

The 2033 Bordeaux tornado was an extremely destructive tornado that tore through heavily populated areas of Bordeux, France, leading to 2 deaths, 12 injuries, and $77 million in damages. The tornado lasted for 25 minutes, before finally weakening and dissipating to the south of the city. The tornado caused heavy damages in the outer suburbs of the city,leading to several deaths and damages in the millions along its path.


The 3 days leading up to the outbreak were very humid, with dew points in the upper 20s C, which led to conditions becoming extremely favourable for a tornado potential in northern France. At 1305 UTC on February 23, this appeared to become true when a line of severe storms suddenly developed near the city, and one of these became a high precipitation supercell around 1400 UTC. At 1440, a funnel cloud touched down, and by 1454 was causing EF2 damage. The tornado peaked briefly as an EF3 around 1500 UTC, before rapidly weakening after encountering drier air from its north northeast,and dissipating at 1505.

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