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Tornado in Madisonville, LA on February 7, 2017

The first tornado of the day, a weak EF0 in Brownsburg, Indiana

the July 13, 2019 severe weather was a significant severe weather outbreak and a weak tornado outbreak that effected Indiana on July 13, 2019...exactly 3 years after a bow echo moved directly through Central Indiana.

Meteorological Synopsis

Very large hail

The largest piece of hail...reported in a backyard in Gaston, Indiana

On July 12 record warm temperatures were reported across eastern Illinois and Central Indiana, the hottest temperature was recorded near Brownsburg, Indiana, a temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit...strong storms also started to develop along a line extending across Central Iowa, early on the morning of July 13 the system had a pressure of 778MB, the NWS SPC issued a Moderate Risk of Severe thunderstorms concerning Very Large Hail and Damaging Winds, they also said a tornado or two could not be ruled out, in the 2000 outlook a new high risk was highlighted concerning hail and winds, PDS Severe Thunderstorm Watch 311 was issued around 2215, here was the probability charts

Probability of 2 or more tornadoes Low (20%)
Probability of 1 or more strong (F2-F5) tornadoes Low (20%)
Probability of 10 or more severe wind events High (>95%)
Probability of 1 or more wind events > 65 knots High (>95%)
Probability of 10 or more severe hail events High (>95%)
Probability of 1 or more hailstones > 2 inches High (>95%)
Probability of 6 or more combined severe hail/wind events High (>95%)

Notable tornadoes

Summitville-Gaston, Indiana

EF3 (strong) tornado
Tornado.jpg Tornado shortly after touchdown.jpg
Duration 2214 – 2236
Intensity 250 km/h (155 mph) (10-min)
At 2209 a alarming sign came in at the front edge of the bow echo, a small funnel cloud near the small Indiana town of Alexandria, Indiana the tornado touched down 5 minutes later near the very small Indiana town of Summitville, Indiana...this is a wip...