Tornado outbreak of April 17, 2017
Date of tornado outbreak: April 17, 2017
Duration1: 6 hours
Maximum rated tornado2: EF4 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 8
Total Damages: $132,329,360
Total Fatalities: 11
Areas Affected: Midwestern

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

The tornado outbreak of April 17, 2017 was a small, severe tornado outbreak in the afternoon of April 17, 2017 that affected southern portions of the Midwestern United States.

Meteorological synopsis

Confirmed tornadoes

8 1 0 1 1 1 0
List of confirmed tornadoes - Monday, April 17, 2017
F# Location County Time (CDT) Path length Max width Damage
EF3 S of Sesser Franklin 3:08 - 3:14 PM 4 mi

(6.44 km)

50 yd (46 m) Four homes were destroyed and several others were damaged. Trees were snapped and uprooted intermittently along the path as well. Six people were injured in total.
EF0 Rend Lake Franklin, Jefferson 3:18 - 3:22 PM 3 mi

(4.83 km)

40 yd (37 m) Tornado touched down on Rend Lake and traveled into the Rend Lake State Wildlife Refuge, snapping several trees along its path before dissipating.
EF2 W of Opdyke to N of Bluford Jefferson 3:36 - 3:51 PM 7 mi

(11.3 km)

150 yd (140 m) Two businesses and several homes were damaged after this tornado formed, before it crossed into a forested area. It eventually crossed over the I-64 and blew several cars off the road, resulting in several injuries but no fatalities. Further to the northeast, a house had its roof ripped off, numerous farm buildings were damaged or destroyed, power poles were snapped, and many trees were snapped or uprooted as the tornado approached Bluford. The tornado began to weaken as it crossed into Bluford, only grazing the western side of town; resulting in minor damage to three homes and a church as it was roping out.
EF4 Danville Vermilion 5:13 - 5:39 PM 15 mi

(24.1 km)

400 yd (370 m) 22 deaths - Tornado touched down just northwest in an undeveloped area of the Danville suburb Tilton, and rapidly intensified as it crossed Main Street and began to move into the densely populated western side of Danville. 2,000 homes, 6 businesses, 2 schools, a church, and the local hospital were damaged or destroyed.

Danville, Illinois tornado

The tornado touched down just west-southwest of Danville city limits at 5:13 p.m. CST (2313 UTC), causing EF0-rated damage to tree limbs at the western edge of the community. It rapidly widened and intensified as it moved through a business district along Main Street, snapping numerous trees and power poles, severely damaging homes and businesses, and expanding to just under one quarter-mile in width. Further northeast, it moved through a wooded area where trees were denuded and debarked. The tornado then entered a neighborhood containing frame homes and mobile homes, with several of the mobile homes being completely destroyed and one frame home had only its interior walls standing. The tornado directly struck the Presence United Samaritan Medical Center, causing massive damage to the building's western quadrant. Several well-constructed buildings around the medical complex were destroyed, with twisting/buckling of steel girders noted. Several steel light poles with concrete reinforcement were snapped as well. Vehicles were thrown in considerable distances, with one being found half a mile from its origin. The Lakeview College of Nursing directly across the street from the complex sustained significant damage to the western portion of its campus, including at least two buildings that were damaged and two more that were destroyed. Much of the damage in this area ranged from EF2 to EF3 intensity. It crossed W English Street and entered western Danville, where it tore through densely populated areas of the city, resulting in major damage. (will add more to description)